Life Insurance for COPD Patients

Having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can make getting life insurance more difficult and expensive. But coverage is still possible if you shop carefully. Follow these tips to find a policy to protect your family.

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Can COPD Patients get life insurance coverage?

Yes, COPD patients can typically get life insurance coverage, but it may be more difficult and expensive compared to someone without COPD. Here are some key points about getting life insurance with COPD:

  • Insurers will classify COPD as a high-risk health condition and may require additional testing like a pulmonary function test.

  • Premiums will likely be higher than standard rates, especially if COPD is severe. The more severe the COPD, the higher the rates.

  • Applicants may need to shop around more to find carriers willing to underwrite COPD patients. Not all insurers will take on high-risk applicants.

  • Coverage may only be available for lower benefit amounts or shorter policy terms compared to healthy applicants.

  • People with very severe COPD may only qualify for guaranteed issue life insurance policies with limited death benefits and high premiums.

  • Managing COPD well with medications, oxygen therapy, etc. can improve chances of qualifying for a standard policy.

  • Quitting smoking and leading an overall healthy lifestyle is important to help contain rates.

So in summary, people with COPD can typically get coverage but will pay higher premiums. Working with an independent insurance agent who can shop multiple carriers is key to finding affordable rates.

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Tips for Reducing Rates

  • Comparison shop quotes from multiple insurers.

  • Consider a term life policy for lower premiums.

  • Optimize the coverage length and payout amount.

  • Improve diet, exercise, and medications adherence.

  • Avoid tobacco and e-cigarettes.

  • Ask about discounts like bundled policies.

Partnering With an Independent Agent

Working with an independent agent gives you an advocate in the insurance process. The agent can:

  • Review your medical records objectively.

  • Determine the coverage you need.

  • Identify carriers willing to underwrite COPD.

  • Negotiate the best rate on your behalf.

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