Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers

If you smoke cigarettes, you know getting life insurance can be challenging and expensive. Smoking significantly increases your risk of conditions like cancer, heart issues, and stroke. This makes insurers less willing to cover smokers, and those that do charge higher premiums.

But there are still ways find affordable coverage. With some planning, you can secure the life insurance protection you need.

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Tips for Reducing Rates as a Smoker

  • Comparison shop - Get quotes from several top-rated carriers to find the lowest premiums. An independent agent can help access multiple insurers.

  • Consider "nicotine-free" rates - Some companies will test for nicotine and offer better pricing if you are nicotine-free.

  • Look at term life - Term policies are the most budget-friendly option for temporary needs. Opt for 10-20 years to cover until retirement.

  • Reduce policy face value - Carefully calculate the amount of coverage you need. Lower death benefit amounts can save money.

  • Improve health - Quitting smoking and making other positive lifestyle changes may help improve rates over time.

  • Bundle policies - You may get a discount if you bundle life insurance with home, auto, etc.

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Types of Policies for Smokers

  • Term life - Provides protection for a set period of time, typically 10-30 years. The most affordable option.

  • Whole life - Lasts your entire life and builds cash value. Higher premiums but guaranteed acceptance.

  • Guaranteed issue - Life insurance with no medical exam required. Limited coverage and high cost but a safety net if denied elsewhere.

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Partner with an Independent Agent

As independent agents, we can provide unbiased guidance and access many highly-rated carriers. We'll help you:

  • Evaluate your insurance needs
  • Find policies suited for smokers
  • Lock in the most competitive rate

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