Life insurance companies are extremely picky about extending life insurance to men and women who have undergone heart surgery. In fact, it can be expensive and disappointing for those who are looking into life insurance after heart surgery. The costs are exorbitant and often surcharges are slapped on top of the already high premiums.

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There are things you can do to keep the cost down. First, never apply for life insurance right after you leave the hospital. Work closely with your doctor to improve your health. If you smoke, stop smoking. If you drink, reduce or stop drinking. If you are overweight, get into an approved exercise program and lose the extra weight. If you have high cholesterol, work at getting it to normal levels. If you have high blood pressure, take medications to lower it and reduce stress that can aggravate the condition.

Visit your doctor regularly. Having documented proof that you are being proactive about your health care following heart surgery will help you find life insurance. In fact, while a normal person with heart disease faces rejection when they begin looking for life insurance coverage, someone with a sound medical record is more likely to be accepted. The rates will still be high, but it's better than a flat denial.

It is known that women require more time to recover from a heart attack. For once, being a woman will not help you much with your life insurance rates. Usually, rates are lower for women, but with heart disease it is solely up to the company offering the life insurance.

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Heart surgery can cost more than $30,000 in the United States. Even those with health insurance will be expected to cover a portion of this. Because it is so expensive, people finally start to realize that they need to purchase life insurance. It's still better to wait. But, it does raise the point that purchasing a life insurance policy can help your family stay out of debt if you die. Medical bills can ruin a family, but life insurance can be used to cover the expense of your surgery, funeral expenses and any other expenses that pop up.

Someone around the age of fifty can expect to pay over $250 a month for $250,000 worth of life insurance. It is expensive, but in the long run, it can keep your family from falling into debt should anything happen to you!